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Green Tulsa Plumbing Tips

Would you like to add a green element to your home, from a plumbing standpoint? Many Tulsa homeowners, and those in surrounding communities, are doing just that. Going “green” is all the rage these days.

These “green” home improvement Tulsa plumbing projects will save you money. They also have the added benefit of keeping your family healthier and feeling great.

Performing Tulsa Plumbing Yourself

Here are some things you can either do yourself or have your Tulsa Plumbing contractor do for you.

  • Install a Leak Monitor – many times leaks happen in pipes within the walls of your home or outside below ground. You don’t really notice until you get your water bill and it seems unusually high. Unless it’s way over the top of what you normally pay each month, many homeowners just shrug it off. Depending on where the leak is, it could take months or years before it’s ever really noticed. A home leak monitor is designed to sense problems and alert you to take action. You will need to call a Tulsa Plumbing specialist right away before the leak causes serious and expensive damage.
  • Install Chlorine Filters on your Showerheads – chlorine dries out the skin and bleaches color from your hair. It also kills vital nutrients your hair and skin need. Taking a shower in filtered water not only softens your skin naturally but it allows you to save money on skin moisturizers, soaps, and shampoos because you won’t need as much to do the same job compared to showering in chlorinated water. Some people are very sensitive to chlorine and filtering the water is a must. You should also know that chlorine is absorbed much faster (as much as 6x faster) into the skin and body while showering than when you drink it in tap water. You can typically install these yourself or have your local Tulsa Plumbing Contractor do it for a small fee.
  • Install a Whole House Water Purification System – this will allow you to not only experience the feeling of chlorine-free water when you shower, but you will also reap the benefits when bathing. You won’t have to purchase separate filters for your drinking water either. Another benefit to the whole house system is that it will make your hot water heater and other plumbing fixtures (faucets, toilets, washing machine, etc.) last longer because it catches sediment and debris and removes other harmful chemicals, in addition to chlorine. This is a project best left to your Tulsa Plumbing Contractor.
  • Install an On Demand (Tankless) Water Heater – these are much smaller than your typical water heater. They are very energy efficient because you won’t have water sitting in a tank or in pipes that has to constantly be heated when water isn’t needed, which save you money while saving resources like gas or electricity. You’ll save money also on your water bill by having your Tulsa Plumbing Contractor install one of these so you have instant hot water instead of running the water and waiting for it to heat up.

These are just some of the ways your Tulsa Plumbing professional can assist you in saving money and “going green”.

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