Plumbing Tulsa – How to Fix a Shower Head

Plumbing Tulsa – How to Fix a Shower Head

Do you have a leaky shower head? There are two places where a shower head usually leaks. The first is where the shower head attaches to the arm that comes out of the wall. The second is between the swivel ball that the shower head rotates on and the actual shower head. Has it lost it’s luster and some of the nozzles clogged? Try dipping the head in a cup of CLR.

It’s relatively easy to replace your shower head. However, if you would rather have a professional do it, call Plumbing Tulsa today and we’ll send a plumber right over.

Plumbing Tulsa – Fixing the Shower Head Yourself

If you decide to tackle it yourself, you’re going to need a couple of tools to help you before you get started. You will need either some adjustable wrenches (adjustable pliers) or strap wrenches. You will also need some Plumbers’ joint compound or Plumbers’ tape or Teflon tape (it’s white and usually comes on a blue plastic tape holder). You can purchase these items at Plumbing Tulsa specialty stores or at Tulsa Home Improvement stores.

Here’s what to do if the leak is at the shower head arm connection:

  1. Using a strap wrench loosen the shower head from the shower arm and remove it. If you are using an adjustable set of pliers or vise-grips, make sure you put some kind of tape or a rag between your wrench and the connection you’re loosening so you don’t scratch it.
  2. Once you have the shower head off, clean off the pipe arm threads wiping them clean. Next, apply either the plumbers’ joint compound or wrap the threads with plumbers’ tape. Make sure the tape covers all of the threads and is wrapped in a  clockwise direction.
  3. Wipe the threads clean on the shower head in the same manner that you did for the pipe arm.
  4. Screw the head back on and hand-tighten it before the the plumbers’ compound dries. If there is any excess compound or tape left, remove it.
  5. Turn the water back on and check for leaks. Tighten a little at a time if necessary.

If the leak is where the shower head swivels, follow the instructions below. You will need your adjustable wrenches again along with a replacement seal or o-ring.

  1. Carefully unscrew the shower head from the swivel ball.
  2. You should see the o-ring or something similar. This ring or seal helps prevent water from leaking out (like a rubber washer for a garden hose). Remove the o-ring or washer.
  3. Replace the o-ring or washer and screw the shower head back on hand-tight.

While you have the shower head off, check it to see if there are any mineral deposit build-ups. If so, clean with CLR and a brush. Vinegar can also be used but CLR seems to work better. Also, inspect any moving parts that are inside to see if they have excessive wear. If so, it’s best to just replace the shower head.

Plumbing Tulsa is here to serve you.

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